Filipino worker in Taiwan releases his take on 'Kiki Challenge'

Overseas Filipino Worker in Taiwan releases his version of 'In My Feelings' 'dance challenge in Taipei

Screenshot from Cyril Buna's take on "In My Feelings" video.

Screenshot from Cyril Buna's take on "In My Feelings" video.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) based in Taiwan has created a video in response to the "In My Feelings" dance challenge to showcase his talents and Taiwan as a tourist destination to his fellow Filipinos.

In response to the "In My Feelings" or "Kiki" dance challenge which is sweeping the globe, 40-year-old Cyril Buna shot video of himself demonstrating his dance moves in front of several Taipei landmarks including the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei Expo Park, and "Infinite Life" and "LOVE" sculptures in front of Taipei 101.

Buna told Taiwan News that he was inspired to create the video to "show the beauty of Taiwan to my fellow Filipinos in collaboration with my dancing." Buna said he also wanted to give a snapshot of life for an OFW in Taiwan outside of work and to show versatile Filipinos can be.

The dance craze started when American comedian Shiggy uploaded a video of himself on Instagram dancing in the street to the Canadian Rapper Drake's song "In My Feelings," the same day the album it is featured on "Scorpion" was released on June 29. Soon, what became known as the "In My Feelings" challenge or "Kiki Challenge" spread like wildfire, with people all over the world posting videos of themselves dancing in the road next to their moving car, often resulting in dangerous situations and injuries.

Buna felt that dancing from the side of moving car was too dangerous and does not endorse the idea. He decided that in his version, he would instead dance in front of major landmarks in Taipei.

Buna said that because there is now a visa-free policy for Filipinos wanting to travel to Taiwan, he felt the video is a good way to promote Taipei as a tourist destination to his countrymen.