93-year-old paraglider breaks Taitung, Taiwan record

Fearless grandmother breaks the record for oldest paraglider in Taitung, looks forward to soaring again at 100


(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The morning of Aug. 8, 93-year-old Chin Wu Jui-lin (金吳瑞琳) became the oldest person to have ever paraglided in Taitung, Taiwan.

Chin, attached to her instructor, disembarked from about 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) in Luyueh township, gliding over cornfields and mountainous panoramas.

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When Chin first expressed interest in taking such a big leap, the instructor hesitated. Chin's family members vouched for her fitness and confirmed that she was extremely capable of handling such a feat. Chin's youthful, adventurous spirit shone through and the instructor agreed.

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The instructor recalls that Chin was giddy throughout the flight and enjoyed snapping pictures and recording video of her descent. The duo circled the Taitung skies for 20 minutes before descending to a smooth landing in a field.

Once back on the ground Chin said, "I wasn't scared at all. This was actually my second time paragliding, and if I'm still able to when I'm 100, I'll do it again!"

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Chin's daughter-in-law recalled that Chin's first experience was when she was 80-years-old, however the winds were not in her favor that day and the ride only lasted about one minute. Yesterday's experience fulfilled her dream.