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Chiayi holds environmental activities for new immigrants in Taiwan

Last Sunday, new immigrants and students in Chiayi attended activities on environmental sustainability

(Photo Courtesy of Chiayi County Government)

(Photo Courtesy of Chiayi County Government)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Chiayi held environmental educational activities on Aug. 5 for new immigrants and students from remote areas in order to help them learn about environmental sustainability.

Environmental Protection Bureau of Chiayi County co-organized the activities together with the Great Wisdom Environmental Education Park (大智慧環境教育園區) and Lucao Incinerator (鹿草垃圾焚化).

In this one-day event, the Chiayi County Rural Sustainable Development Association (嘉義縣鄉村永續發展協會) led the participants to visit Great Wisdom Environmental Education Park and Lucao Incinerator. The participants learned about environmental issues in the daily life, how to choose food ingredients, recycling and waste reduction.

Liu Mingquan (劉明全), Director of Environmental Protection Bureau, said that Chiayi has been actively promoting the concept of environmental sustainability and holding in-depth activities related to the environment over the past two years. As for the first half of the year, they worked together with the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF). "In the second half of the year, we co-operated with Chiayi Country Everlasting Development Association and won the group special award of National Environmental Education Awards," Liu added.

In the future, the Environmental Protection Bureau plans to continue to work together with the local industries, non-profit organizations, and environmental protection communities.