Tropical Storm Yagi headed north of Taiwan

Tropical Storm Yagi currently on a path to head north of Taiwan

Tropical Storm Yagi to east of Taiwan. (Screenshot from

Tropical Storm Yagi to east of Taiwan. (Screenshot from

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Tropical Storm Yagi which is currently situated to the southeast of Taiwan, is expected to move toward Japan's Ryukyu Islands, reported the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

Yagi (摩羯), which officially became the 14th tropical storm of the year yesterday, is currently 1,400 kilometers east-southeast of Taipei and the CWB anticipates that it will move north-northwest toward Japan's Ryukyu Isands, before moving on toward the Korean Peninsula and northeast China.

CWB forecaster Liu Pei-tung (劉沛滕) said the weather in Taiwan will remain hot, with thunderstorms likely in the afternoon. From early to mid morning, northern and central Taiwan could see scattered showers, while southern and eastern Taiwan could also see showers due to the northern movement of a cloud system.

When it is not raining, temperatures will be hot, with northern Taiwan, Yilan and Hualien seeing a high of 36 degrees Celsius.

As for other typhoons and tropical storms, Typhoon Shanshan as of 2 a.m. was 2,200 kilometers east-northeast of Taipei and was still affecting the weather in Japan. A low pressure system near the South China Sea may develop into a tropical storm which would affect Guangdong Province, while its moisture may bring scattered showers to central and southern Taiwan, according to the CWB.

Wu Der-rong (吳德榮), a professor of meteorology at National Central University, said that though Tropical Storm Yagi is unlikely to directly affect Taiwan, once it moves north, another tropical system could form in its place and could follow a southwest airstream to come close to eastern Taiwan and impact the area for up to three days, starting on Aug. 15. Wu said the tropical system could become a tropical storm or typhoon, but due to the current high level of uncertainty, the size and trajectory of the storm will not be known until Aug. 12 or 13.

CWB map of Tropical Storm Yagi's projected path.

NOAA infrared satellite image of Tropical Storm Yagi right) and tropical depression (left).