Chinese Type 055 destroyer expected to be named 'Taipei'

Experts anticipate that China will name a Type 055 destroyer 'Taipei' as symbol of dominance

Chinese Type 055 destroyer (Screenshot from Youtube)

Chinese Type 055 destroyer (Screenshot from Youtube)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The results of a recent poll over what to name China's recently acquired Type 055 guided-missile destroyers show "Taipei" as a prime candidate for the warship's name.

According to China's "Naval Vessel's Naming Regulations," aircraft carriers and battle cruisers must be named after an administrative province or region, and destroyers and corvettes must be named after cities governed by China.

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) has yet to name a vessel after Lhasa, Tibet, Naning, Guangxi, Nanchang, Jianxi, or Taipei, Taiwan, according to LTN.

China recently added three Type 055 destroyers to their navy. Experts predict that one will be named Lhasa and another named Taipei, perhaps as a demonstration that China has "recovered" Taiwan.

Taiwan is in fact a free and democratic society, which is claimed by authoritarian Communist China despite there being no legal or political basis to support their stance.