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30% of Taiwanese working fathers estranged from children: online survey

Father’s Day in Taiwan is celebrated on August 8, as 8/8 is a homonym of the word 'father' in Mandarin

30% of Taiwanese working fathers estranged from children: online survey

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – About 30 percent of Taiwanese working fathers have become alienated from their children due to long hours at work and a lack of interaction with children, according to a recent survey by online job bank yes123.

On August 7, yes123 published an online survey which primarily focused on Taiwanese fathers in the workplace ahead of the celebration of Taiwan Father's Day.

According to the survey, around 39.3 percent of fathers who responded are the primary source of income in their family. Among 60 percent of families have both a father and a mother going to work, while a percent of 26.6 reported that as fathers they were the family's "economic backbone." Consequently, fathers are still the main breadwinners in Taiwanese society.

Additionally, 84.3 percent of the correspondents revealed that their current income is not enough to support for their family despite the average working hours totalling around 9.6 hours per day. A considerable percentage of fathers (74.2) who took the survey said that their working hours exceed 9 hours, suggesting that three-quarters of fathers might be at risk of being overworked.

The long working hours also results in decreased time that fathers are able to spend with their children, leading to a poor father-children relationship, according to the survey. Around 71.3 minutes is the average time that fathers spend with their children during weekdays, with as many as 18.4 percent of respondents saying that they almost have no time for their children.

Regarding the father-child relationship, around 30 percent of fathers claimed that they are alienated from their children.

The poll was conducted online from July 11 to 24 in an attempt to understand the pressures facing working Taiwanese fathers. It collected 1166 valid questionnaires and has a confidence level of 95 percent and a margin of error of 2.87 percentage points.

Last year, a survey done by 1111 Job Bank found that 24.6 percent of Taiwanese working dads had to take extra part-time jobs to support their children due to the low average salary rate.

Updated : 2022-01-20 11:08 GMT+08:00