Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation to develop stronger ties with Indo-Pacific neighbors

The TAEF will officially begin operations on Wednesday Aug. 8

(Image from MOFA)

(Image from MOFA)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – In a boost for the Tsai administration’s Southbound Policy, and intergovernmental links between nations in the Indo-Pacific Region, the new Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation (TAEF) has been announced for Wednesday, Aug. 8.

The new organization will help to coordinate Taiwan’s regional policy with the policy of her regional neighbors, especially the ASEAN countries. The date of the TAEF opening of operations was reportedly chosen to coincide with the official founding of ASEAN, which was Aug. 8, 1967.

The foundation is a government sponsored organization, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is comprised of academics, and representatives from various civic organizations, and policy think tanks. The foundation was inaugurated on June 1, but has yet to begin operations.

With the TAEF fully operational, links between governmental and civilian programs can be better established in cooperation with partners throughout the region. The goal of the TAEF is to “facilitate more inclusive ties” and “deepen engagement” between Taiwan and her neighbors.

One of the first major responsibilities of the TAEF will be to act as an organizer for the the next annual Yushan Forum, to be held Oct. 11 -12 to discuss regional cooperation and innovation., reports CNA.