Free screenings of documentaries across Taiwan from now through Oct. 24

(photo taken from MOC website)

(photo taken from MOC website)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—Free showing of documentaries and post-screen discussions will take place around Taiwan and its outlying islands from August 4 through October 24, Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture said in a news release.

The 2018 Taiwan Documentary Screening Tour, organized by the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development and Taiwan’s Public Television Service, will present 29 Taiwan-made documentaries through 150 screenings and 27 post-screening discussions, the MOC said, adding that during the discussions documentary directors and film crew members will share their filming experiences with the audience.

The themes underlined by the documentaries include a diversity of issues such as generational gaps, ecology, family, air pollution, education reform, long-term care, aging societies and falling birth rates, and one’s willingness to continue higher levels of education, according to the agency.

The MOC said the 29 documentaries include "The Age of Awakening (前進)," "Jump! Men (翻滾吧!男人)," "Go Grandriders (不老騎士–歐兜邁環台日記)," and "Black Bear Forest (黑熊森林)," as well as other award-wining documentaries previously screened at the Taiwan International Documentary Festival, Taipei Film Festival, Women Make Waves Taiwan, Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, and Sheffield Documentary Film Festival.

All events are available for reservations online. For further information such as the screening schedule and locations, please check the event’s official website (Chinese) or its Facebook page (Chinese).

(Video taken from MOC website)