40% of Taiwanese women have had 'unprotected one-night stands': Survey

40% of Taiwanese women polled by dating app had 'unprotected one-night stands'

(Image from Pixabay user kerryyank)

(Image from Pixabay user kerryyank)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- As the traditional Asian holiday Qixi (七夕) nears on Aug. 17, a survey by a dating app has found that 40 percent of Taiwanese female respondents have engaged in unprotected sex with strangers.

In a survey carried out by dating app JustDating on the safe sex practices of 5,458 men and 5,410 women, 40 percent of the women stated a preference for unprotected sex, and only 20 percent claimed to carry condoms in their bags when going on a date. Meanwhile, the survey found that 50 percent of the men consider a condom an essential item to take when going out on a date.

According to the results of the survey, if there is a possibility of having sex, at least half of male respondents said that they would take a condom with them. Among the respondents, 20-year-old men were the most disciplined, with up to 70 percent reporting carrying condoms.

However, the poll found that the older the man, the less likely he is to carry condoms, with only 20 percent of men over the age of 40 carrying condoms on a date.

The study found that 40 percent of women reported having an "unprotected one-night stand." Of that group, half of 23-year-olds preferred to not use a condom for pleasure and only 20 percent would put condoms in their bag when planning to sleep with a date.

When purchasing prophylactics, both men and women prefer condoms which are "close to feeling real," with 70 percent considering the relative thickness of the product. Approximately 30 percent prefer textured condoms for a different sensation, such as those that are ribbed, dotted or spiked. Female respondents in particular reported enjoying condoms with a fruity fragrance.

In terms of which kinds of alcoholic beverages respondents felt best got them in the mood for sex, the most popular spirit among men was whisky, especially among older men. Approximately 30 percent reported drinking two to three glasses before having sex.

However, the majority of women reported not liking hard liquor, with 50 percent preferring red wine, followed by beer and baijiu, a type of pungent grain alcohol coming in third.