Plant-watering workout machines unveiled at Daan Park, Taipei

First phase of new Taipei greenery project allows the public to simultaneously workout and water Daan Park

Bravo, left, with Lin Ming-Hsiung in Daan Park.

Bravo, left, with Lin Ming-Hsiung in Daan Park. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The first stage of a new Tapiei greenery project was unveiled in Daan Park today, showcasing a new type of exercise machine that also waters nearby grass, reported CNA.

The greenery project intends to create a green space leading from National Taiwan University to Daan Park by the end of 2019, and has been broken down into six phases. Each phase has a different and interactive approach to water recycling, according to Now News.

20 bright red exercise machines have been dotted throughout Daan Park, giving the public an opportunity to both exercise through cycling, and to water the park by stirring groundwater. The contraption is meant to help circulate the park's water resources.

The exercise machines have three settings; three minute sprint, unlimited time endurance and a one-on-one "battle" mode, reports say. A QR code is located on each machine, helping the public to track their workouts and to use the machine correctly.

The new contraption was opened and initiated by Mascot of Taipei City Government, Bravo the bear (熊讚), Chairman of the Board of the Friends of Daan Park Foundation, Lin Ming-Hsiung (林敏雄), Taipei City Mayor, Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) and Taipei City Deputy Mayor, Charles Lin (林欽榮).

New workout machines in Daan Park. (CNA image)