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Los Angeles hosts 2nd annual Taiwanese American Film Festival

TAFF kicked off this weekend in LA for a celebration of Taiwanese culture and film making

Image from TAFF

Image from TAFF

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – In Los Angeles, the second annual Taiwanese American Film Festival (TAFF) kicked off this weekend for a celebration of Taiwanese culture and filmmaking from Aug. 3 to Aug. 4.

In addition to screening two feature films and 12 short films, there will also be a variety of traditional Taiwanese night market snacks and on Aug. 4 an industry panel of guest speakers will discuss the history and trends in modern Taiwanese cinema.

The festival is organized into four blocks entitled “EAT, DRINK, PLAY, FUN” (吃,喝,玩,樂) spread out over a day and a half.

The two full length features being showcased this year were “Take Me To The Moon” directed by Chunyi Hsieh, starring Jasper Liu and Vivian Sung, on Friday Aug. 3, and “For Izzy” directed by Alex Chu, playing on Saturday evening, Aug. 4.

TAFF is also hosting an afterparty each evening as well as an awards ceremony to close out the ceremony.

Last year at the first ever TAFF, the event drew over 400 guests throughout the single day, and organizers are hopeful this year’s festival will draw even more interest from the community in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

The goal of the festival is “to strengthen the platform for this growing cinema community and to help emerging filmmakers in their next cinematic venture.”

For more info on the event, visit the TAFF web site.

Check out the trailers for "Take me to the Moon" and "For Izzy" below: