Two Taiwanese tourists invited to meet Polish President for tea by surprise

The encounter took place in July in Warsaw, as the city has drawn more and more tourists from around the world for its great value and world heritage.


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - A Taiwanese couple were randomly selected on the street in Warsaw this July to Poland's Presidential Palace to have a cup of tea and a pleasant chat with Polish President Andrzej Duda, leaving them unforgettable memories.

The Presidential Palace is located in Warsaw, the economic and political capital of the young democracy in Europe. The city has drawn more and more tourists from around the world for its great value and world heritage, including two Taiwanese tourists.

A group of patriotic Polish people volunteered to film a two-minute short video to promote Poland worldwide, in which four international tourists strolling past the Presidential Palace on July 12 were randomly selected and invited to have a tea and a chat with Duda inside the beautiful and elegant neoclassical building.

The identities of the four tourists are revealed in the video: Rosa Tang and Jerry Lee from Nantou in Taiwan; Raj and Ewa from Singapore.

The four were first received by Duda at the gate, and were shown around by Duda himself at the reception area and his office. In the video, the President was even pouring tea for the guests. The four looked like having a pleasant conversation with Duda and asked several questions about his work, such as any chance for him to enjoy some time off, and if he likes his job.

Duda said he feels that he is serving the country and the Polish people, so he doesn't see it as a job, but a service.

The four happy guests took selfies with Duda right after the tea chat.

Raj from Singapore said the unexpected tour at the Presidential Palace made him feel like dreaming, and the President was really a friendly and a down-to-earth person.

Rated as one of the top ten best value travel destinations by renowned travel guide book publisher Lonely Planet this year, Poland is known for its diversity with its picturesque old towns and medieval architecture, wild forests and powdery-sand beaches, humming city life and imaginative culinary scene. It remains affordable and relatively under-visited.

Andrzej Duda was sworn in as the President on August 6, 2015, and was elected directly by the people by an absolute majority. Under Duda's leadership, Poland and Taiwan have initiated several constructive academic and business agreements that promote exchanges and economic development for mutual benefit.

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