First local case of dengue fever reported in Taipei

Indigenous case of dengue fever confirmed in Taipei, first in 2 years

Dengue mosquito. (Photo by flickr user Oregon State University)

Dengue mosquito. (Photo by flickr user Oregon State University)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A woman living in the Wenshan District of Taipei has been confirmed to be the first indigenous case of dengue Fever in the city, the first in two years, announced the Taipei Department of Health announced today (Aug. 2).

The woman in her 30s reported suffering a fever and diarrhea on July 29 and went to the hospital on July 30 for treatment. On July 31, she was tested for dengue fever and on Aug. 1 it was confirmed that she had the disease and was placed in isolation.

The woman had not traveled abroad to countries prone to dengue fever for over a year, however she has traveled recently to New Taipei City's Xinzhuang District where a cluster of cases have recently been reported.

The Taipei Department of Health questioned all 488 residents in the same building in which she lived, but none so far have exhibited symptoms of the disease. The density of the vector mosquitoes in a 100 meter radius around the woman had stayed for more than 2 hours is being investigated.

The woman had spent more than two hours at the Taipei Zoo in Wenshan District and Xiangshan in Xinyi District during the incubation period and therefore the city has sprayed those areas and tried to clear sites were breeding could occur in an attempt to reduce vector mosquitoes.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, this is the first confirmed indigenous case of dengue fever in Taipei in two years.