Photo of the Day: Trash can moved to tears in central Taiwan

Cutesy trash can cries from overflowing garbage in central Taiwan's Nantou County

Trash can cries. (Photo by Wang Yueh-ling)

Trash can cries. (Photo by Wang Yueh-ling)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A photo of pink trash can shaped like a tree meant for ordinary waste appears to cry from being overstuffed to the point of spilling out on the ground, while its green counterpart meant for recycling is woefully empty was taken this spring in a nature area in central Taiwan's Nantou County.

The photographer, Wang Yueh-ling (王悅玲), took the photo in the Shanlinxi Forest Recreation Area in Nantou County's Zhushan Township on April 22. On June 14, with the caption reading "spewing garbage tears," Wang posted the photo on Facebook and soon gained nearly 500 likes.

Wang, who is a student at the Graduate Institute of Environmental Education at National Taiwan Normal University, said that she took the photo when her professor took their class to the nature area this spring.

(Photo by Wang Yueh-ling)