Video shows Chinese-made electric scooter explode in ball of fire

Made in China: Father and daughter narrowly avoiding severe injuries after electric scooter explodes in ball of fire

Still from video posted on Weibo showing scooter exploding.

Still from video posted on Weibo showing scooter exploding.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Video surfaced on July 29 showing a father and daughter narrowly avoiding severe injury or death seconds before their electric scooter explodes into a ball of fire in their house in China.

In the video, which spread like wildfire on Weibo, Facebook and YouTube, a father and his daughter are sitting on a coach, when their electric scooter, which is charging, suddenly makes a popping noise startling their pet dog. White smoke starts rising from the scooter and the man quickly leaps up to unplug the device, but even more smoke starts to spew out and quickly fills the room.

Scooter as it starts to emit smoke. (Screenshot of Weibo video)

The father, daughter and dog make a hasty retreat as smoke billows out of the scooter and it soon erupts into a violent explosion, with a ball of fire rising from where the gadget once stood.

Father unplugs scooter. (Screenshot of Weibo video)

According to Chinese media reports, no one was injured in the blast and the name of the Chinese manufacturer of the scooter has not yet been released. Police are still investigating the exact cause of the explosion.

Smokes starts billowing out. (Screenshot of Weibo video)

Similar explosions have become commonplace in China, with many caused by inferior quality lithium-ion batteries.

Scooter erupts into ball of fire. (Still of Weibo video)

In response to the video, many Taiwanese netizens mocked shoddy Chinese design and workmanship:

"I guess the battery had not temperature sensor or the temperature sensor was defective."

"Low quality lithium-ion battery is the likely culprit."

"Vehicle bomb research and development success."

"The pride of the made in China universe."

"Therefore, it's really dangerous to buy low quality products, buying obscure brands is really dangerous."

"This explosion could really frighten people to death."

EBC News cited experts as recommending that consumers only buy certified brand name products and to avoid buying cheap, goods from obscure manufacturers on Taobao.