Vegan Beyond Burger launched at TGI Fridays across Taiwan

Taiwan second country in Asia to make all plant-based Beyond Burger available

Beyond Burger. (Photo from Beyond Meat Facebook page)

Beyond Burger. (Photo from Beyond Meat Facebook page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The entirely plant-based Beyond Burger by Beyond Meat was launched in TGI Fridays across Taiwan on July 24, according to Plant Based News.

Beyond Burger is now available at all 14 TGI Fridays locations in Taiwan, making it the second country in Asia following Hong Kong to offer the vegan patty. Beyond Meat claims that its flagship burger is "the world's first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and tastes like a fresh beef burger."

Beyond Meat claims the burger contains 20 grams of protein, primarily from peas, and is soy, gluten and GMO free.

The burger will at first be offered as a special menu item during a two-month promotional period, before becoming a permanent part of the menu at Taiwan TGI Fridays in September.

The vegan burger is being listed on TGI Fridays menus as a "Mushroom Beyond Meat Burger," and is seasoned, pan-fried and served with salad greens and truffle mayonnaise, according to LiveKindly.

After releasing the product in Hong Kong in 2017, sales of the vegan burger quadrupled over the following year, reported LiveKindly.

Beyond Burger patty. (Photo from