Taiwan raises alert as LINE fraud increases in summertime

Two most common types of LINE scam are to borrow or remit money


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan has raised the alert as the number of reported fraud cases via LINE is escalating during summer, according to a statistic published by the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB).

In a press release from CIB, the public is advised to be cautious about any messages asking for money received from either acquaintances or strangers because they could turn out to be a scam from online fraud groups, CNA reports.

Recently, a woman surnamed Chang (張), who resided in Taoyuan City, received a friend request on Line from an unfamiliar ID called Hsiao-hui (小惠). After accepting the friend request, the other account holder started to make friends and gain her trust.

The deceptive process began not long after Hsiao-Hui told Chang that her account was stolen and asked her to add the new ID. Three days later, the fraudster contacted Chang and pretended she was in an urgent situation, asking to borrow NT$200,000 from her.

Chang decided to transfer an amount of NT$180,000 to the addressed account, but the other party said that they would need more money from her. At this point, Chang felt doubtful and decided to make a LINE call but she was not able to contact the self-claimed ID of "Hsiao-hui". Therefore, she promptly reported the case to the local police station.

The CIB said that they have been notified with several LINE scams and the most common types were to borrow or remit money. Additionally, the CIB suggested the public should check for the personal information of the suspected party, and directly dial 165 for further assistance if they harbor any suspicions, CNA reported.