Taiwan Sugar Corporation engages in ‘Coffee Diplomacy’ with Honduras

Taisugar will be selling Honduran coffee on HSR trains

A coffee farm in Honduras (Screenshot from FB of Taisugar)

A coffee farm in Honduras (Screenshot from FB of Taisugar)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan Sugar Corporation announced on July 27 that the company will introduce Honduran coffee exclusively on High Speed Rail trains the first seven days every month starting April, as part of its “coffee diplomacy.”

According to Taisugar, the company has placed an order of 50 tons of coffee beans grown in the Central American country, following a 7.8-ton shipment last year. The beverage service is expected to be available at HSR on a daily basis starting September, reported Liberty Times.

Noting that Honduras is the fifth biggest coffee bean exporter in the world, but is relatively less popular in Taiwan, Taisugar believes the introduction of coffee beans from the country will help increase job opportunities for local farmers and strengthen ties between the two sides.

A 300 ml cup of Honduran coffee will be sold at NT$50 (US$1.6) on HSR trains. The company will adjust the volume of coffee bean orders from Honduras depending on sales, it said, adding that plans are being considered to make the drink available at the VIP rooms for China Airlines at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

Buoyed by the successful “small farmers in mountains” program launched last year, Taisugar has joined hands with IMPCT, a global social enterprise, to solicit funds for the establishment of schools across the Central American country, partly from proceeds of Honduran coffee sales, in a bid to fulfill its corporate responsibility while bolstering the bilateral relationship, Liberty Times wrote.