Reports: Beijing City to introduce '50 measures' to attract Taiwanese abroad

Reports say most of the measures, rumored to be introduced in August, are aimed at simplifying the process for obtaining permanent residency and citizenship


Beijing (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – In February 2018, the Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) of the State Council in China announced “31 measures” or incentives to attract Taiwanese to work, study, live and do business in China as a means of attracting talented Taiwanese individuals away from the country in order to undermine the Taiwanese economy.

Following the announcement, regional governments in China introduced their own measures with areas like Zhejiang, Shanghai, and Fujian offering additional incentives. According to the most recent reports, Beijing is preparing to announce at least 50 preferential measures targeting Taiwanese citizens.

Liberty Times reports that most of these measures will aimed at simplifying the process of gaining permanent residency and becoming officially documented as a Chinese citizen. Specific measures target Taiwanese people living in the city, studying in Beijing schools, those doing business and those seeking employment.

The measures have reportedly already been drafted and are expected to be implemented in August, according to Liberty Times.

Scholars observing recent policy in China suggest that Beijing aims to offer economic incentives that will increase a sense of convenience and benefit for Taiwanese living in China. Most of the people being targeted are young and probably not overly concerned with political issues.

Premier Lai speaking about the original “31 measures” said that they were “old wine in new bottles” and were ultimately a strategy designed to take over Taiwan by increasing Taiwanese dependence on the policies of the Communist Party in Beijing.