Hehuanshan, Shuiyang Lake recognized as 2 of Taiwan's most beautiful locations

The two scenic spots received special mention in CNN's travel article 'Taiwan's Most Beautiful Places'

A hiker atop Hehuan Mtn. (Image from Pixabay user vosz0322)

A hiker atop Hehuan Mtn. (Image from Pixabay user vosz0322)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The U.S. news network CNN on July 23 published an article on the travel portion of its site listing some of the most beautiful attractions in Taiwan.

The article entitled “Taiwan’s Most Beautiful Places” introduces several aspects of Taiwan’s environment that contribute to making it a spectacular tourist destination.

In its first line the piece rightly notes that what makes Taiwan a truly beautiful place are the wonderful people living here, who together make the country such a dynamic and welcoming place.

However, beyond the hospitality of the Taiwanese people, the author of CNN’s piece lists several aspects of Taiwan’s natural environment, where stunning natural vistas are just waiting to be found.

The article lists Taiwan’s central mountain range, which provides plenty of opportunity for hikers to see the island from above a “Sea of Clouds” giving specific mention of Hehuashan (合歡山) located between Hualien and Nantou Counties.

A Sea of Clouds as seen form Hehuanshan (Image from pixabay user charleslee58)

Another site getting special mention from CNN was the Shuiyang Forest (水漾森林) and Lake in Chiayi County, which formed as a result of the 921 Earthquake that hit central Taiwan in 1999.

Finally the piece gives brief mention of Taiwan’s “Stunning City Views” but only comments on the well-known Taipei landmarks of the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial and the iconic Taipei 101 tower.

The CNN piece also includes a wonderful collection of photographs by Thai photographer Popumon, which are certain to have some readers browsing airline prices to Taipei in no time.

Shuiyang Lake (Image from Wikimedia Commons)