NTU Hospital Yunlin director found guilty of bribery

Former NTU Hospital director sentenced to 3 years in jail for accepting NT$300K in bribes

(Image from Pixnio)

(Image from Pixnio)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A recent court verdict has found former National Taiwan University Yunlin Hospital Branch director, surnamed Hsu (許), guilty of exploiting hospital resources while in office, including accepting over NT$300,000 (US$10,000) in bribes.

According to the court, in 2015 the NTU Hospital in Yunlin opened bidding for a construction project to expand their emergency room and make select earthquake repairs. Hsu declared the first two rounds of bidding inconclusive and personally invited a previously-employed contractor surnamed Wang (王) to join the bidding. Wang won the bid.

Shortly after in March 2016, Hsu demanded NT$400,000 in bribes from Wang for not complying with operational and contract standards. In order to keep the project running smoothly Wang complied though he was only able to pay NT$300,000, according to CNA.

The Yunlin District Court prosecuted Hsu in accordance with anti-corruption legislation passed earlier this year. Hsu was found guilty and sentenced to three years and eight months in prison as well as five years without public rights. The decision is open to appeal.

The Ministry of Education has also decided that Hsu's actions are unacceptable and has fired him and banned him from reappointment for one year.