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‘Formosa Taiwan’ designation adopted by US Postal Service

From July 10, the United States Postal Services’ website refers to Taiwan as ‘Formosa Taiwan’



TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – In order to better facilitate customers' search of Taiwan, the United States Postal Services has recently included a new term of "Formosa (Taiwan)" along with the current directory of "Taiwan" in the website's destination listing.

On July 10, the Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA), a nonprofit organization based in the U.S. that seeks for international support to Taiwan Independence, made an announcement on its official Facebook page that the USPS website referred to Taiwan as "Formosa (Taiwan)" and as "Taiwan."

‘Formosa Taiwan’ designation adopted by US Postal Service

(Image screenshot from USPS official website)

In addition, Taiwan's Penghu island is also available in two names as "Penghu Islands (Taiwan) and "Pescadores Islands (Taiwan)". Meanwhile, Taiwan's Kinmen island is not listed as Kinmen, but can be searched by "Quemoy (Taiwan)".

In reply to the local media's question about the name change, USPS said that the term "Formosa (Taiwan)" is used in the listing to provide a better historical search for customer references, CNA reported.

For many years, FAPA staged protests against USPS' references of Taiwan as "Taiwan, Province of China" on its official website. As early as 2006, the USPS replied to FAPA that the company started making all references to Taiwan as "Taiwan".