Pregnant Hong Kong girl strangled to death in Taiwan by boyfriend: autopsy

For lack of judicial agreements, Hong Kong has so far been unable to acquire evidence from Taiwan and indict the suspect on murder charges

Chan (left) and Poon (photo from Chan's Facebook).

Chan (left) and Poon (photo from Chan's Facebook).

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Autopsy results of an appalling homicide involving the killing of a 21-year-old Hong Kong girl by her 20-year-old boyfriend in Taiwan have pointed to strangulation as the cause of death for the victim, reports said today.

Earlier, investigation into the case has confirmed that Poon Hiu-wing (潘曉穎) had been pregnant before being murdered by Chan Tung-kai (陳同佳), and the latest findings released by the Shilin District Prosecutors Office indicated that Poon was strangled to death by Chan as suggested by the dislocation of her cervical spine, reported Liberty Times.

The couple visited Taiwan in February to spend Valentine’s Day on the island but before leaving for Hong Kong, the man allegedly killed the woman and left the body inside a pink suitcase which he dumped behind an MRT station near the Tamsui River.

Media reports suggested that the motive for Chan to commit the homicide was the discovery that the child might not be his. The prosecutors in Taiwan have not been able to confirm this suspicion as a request for Hong Kong to provide DNA of the suspect in May has remained unanswered.

The suspect has so far only been charged with theft and handling stolen goods because of the absence of evidence to indict him on murder charges. Hong Kong's Department of Justice reportedly sought to ask for Taiwan’s assistance in bringing Chan to justice in June, but due to a lack of judicial agreements between the two sides, the Shilin District Prosecutors Office could only reply to the inquiry in text form, but was not authorized to provide relevant evidence including CCTV footage or autopsy reports, the Liberty Times wrote.