Taiwan is likely to see the tenth tropical storm of this year

As tropical depression Son Tinh is forecast to bring rains to eastern and southern Taiwan on Tuesday, the tenth tropical storm Ampil is forming in the east sea of the Philippines

(Image courtesy of CWB)

(Image courtesy of CWB)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – While Tropical Storm Son Tinh has strengthened and brought rain to parts of Taiwan Tuesday, a new tropical depression is likely to emerge as the tenth tropical storm of this year, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

According to CWB forecaster Kuan Hsin-ping (官欣平), No.9 Typhoon Son Tinh is not directly sweeping into Taiwan but passing by en route to Hainan and Vietnam. However, brief showers and thunderstorms are still seen in the eastern and southern parts of the island.

In addition, Kuan added that a new tropical depression has been formed in the Pacific east of the Philippines Tuesday morning and will likely become the tenth tropical storm of this year, bearing the name Ampil. However, it was still too early to tell whether it would impact Taiwan and its formation is now carefully observed.

A heavy rain advisory has been issued to the three counties of Hualien, Taitung, and Pingtung due to the influence of Tropical Storm Son Tinh. Meanwhile, several regions in northern and western Taiwan continue to experience sunny skies and daytime highs of up to 36 degrees Celsius, CWB reported.