Taiwan’s largest solar power station officially launched

The 347 hectare floating solar power station is located on reclaimed land in Changhua County

Solar panels. (Image courtesy of Pxhere)

Solar panels. (Image courtesy of Pxhere)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan's largest solar power station was officially launched on July 17 in Changhua County (彰化縣), with the 347 hectare site expected to have a total power capacity of 320 megawatts.

The floating solar plant will be built on reclaimed land in Xianxi Township (線西鄉), Changhua County as part of a purpose-built renewable energy area.

The solar facility is part of the Executive Yuan's (行政院) two year solar energy plan which hopes to lead to national solar capacity of 1.52 gigawatts.

It is expected that annual power generation of the solar plant could reach as high as 436 million Kilowatt hours.

In conjunction with Taiwan Power Company's new solar power facility, the area will be the largest solar factory in Taiwan, reports suggest.

Ministry of Economic Affairs deputy head, Tseng Wen-sheng (曾文生) spoke during the launch today and said the solar site "is also the future and pride of Changhua's development in the future" reported Liberty Times.

Tseng stressed he hopes that the central and local governments will work together to complete the power plant as soon as possible.

The solar power station received NT$16.3 billion (US$0.534 billion) in total investment with Chenya (辰亞), Hougu (厚固) and Yeheng Energy (曄恆能源) winning contracts to build the facility.