Sand sculpture display in a community with 3D wall murals in SW Taiwan attracts visitors

(photo courtesy of the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration)

(photo courtesy of the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration) (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—The sand sculpture exhibition of the annual Salt & Sand Sculpture Art Festival held in Taiwan’s southwest coast was moved from the traditional site, a beach, into a community with many 3D wall murals, and the relocation has proved to be a good move as a great many visitors have come to appreciate the double charm of the sand sculpture and the 3D wall murals, according to media reports.

Hsu Zhen-neng (徐振能), director of Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration, which organized the Salt & Sand Sculpture Art Festival, told reporters that when this year’s sand sculpture was moved into the Ma Sha Gou 3D Painting Village (馬沙溝3D彩繪村) in Jiangjun District (將軍區), Tainan, many visitors had come to visit the display even before the festival officially opened on July 15, the reports said.

Chen Chi-chung (陳啟宗), a store manager in the Ma Sha Gou community, said the community association had since July 7 rolled out multiple great value tour packages, which bring visitors to watch the salt sculpture, the sand sculpture, and the 3D paintings and to taste roasted oysters and special flavored cuisine. These packages have helped sales for local stores a lot, he added, according to the reports.