Taiwan is an important partner of France and Europe: French Office in Taipei Director

France’s representative says France wants to be Taiwan’s gateway to Europe at event in Taipei

Benoît Guidée (left) with Wu Chih-chung (right).

Benoît Guidée (left) with Wu Chih-chung (right). (By Taiwan News)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – At a ceremony in Taipei to mark France's national day on July 14, Director of the French Office in Taipei (法國在台協會), Benoît Guidée said that Taiwan is an important partner of France and Europe.

Taiwan is a platform for French development in the region, and France hopes to become Taiwan’s springboard to Europe, says Guidée, reported Taiwan News.

The French Office in Taipei held an event at the National Palace Museum (國立故宮博物院) to mark Bastille Day on March 14, attended by Taiwanese officials, prominent businesspeople and Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner, Yuan-tseh Lee (李遠哲).

Guidée quoted Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi (劉禹錫) to make the point that Taiwan has become a center of democracy and human rights, scientific and technological innovation, cultural creativity, environmental protection and international cooperation. Through these areas, Taiwan has become a unique partner of France and Europe in Asia.

Guidée said that France President Emmanuel Macron has led many important measures including economic reforms, efforts to improve attractiveness of foreign investment and actions to strengthen the EU. Guidée said he hoped these measures would lead to France becoming Taiwan's springboard to Europe.

Taiwan has made advances in energy transformation, sustainable development and the circular economy, and in these areas, France will stand by Taiwan, said Guidée.

Guidée went on to say that Taiwan is an important partner of France in Asia, and Taiwan is a platform for French development in the region.

Wu Chih-chung (right) at event. (Taiwan News image)

At the event, Taiwan's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wu Chih-chung (吳志中) said that he was pleased to see France-Taiwan relations expand in recent times and that bilateral relations flourish because France and Taiwan have common values, interests and goals.

France and Taiwan have many shared goals and that we are working together to build a better future, Wu added.

Wu will soon take up post as Taiwan's representative to France.

The event was attended by more than 400 VIP guests and the students from the Dayuan International Senior High School sung the French national anthem.