Taipei City closes pool after falling ceiling hits woman

Woman in hospital for observation


Part of a ceiling collapsed at the Nangang Sports Center pool, injuring one woman. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taipei City closed down a swimming pool at its Nangang Sports Center after part of the ceiling collapsed and hit a woman, reports said Saturday.

At the time of the incident Saturday morning, two people were present in the spa area, the Central News Agency reported. Falling steel elements hit a woman aged about forty, who was taken to hospital with a swollen chin and left arm.

The other person had only been scared but not injured, and had returned home after leaving a contact number, officials said.

At the time of the incident, the pool area had only been opened to students of a swimming class and not to the public at large, explaining the low number of people present at the time, according to the CNA report. A group of children was receiving swimming lessons in the area away from where the debris fell, reports said.

The pool was immediately closed off and will remain off limits to the public until repairs are completed, officials said. The heat or the chlorine from the water might have corroded metal elements in the ceiling, causing Saturday’s accident, a preliminary theory said.

Swimming classes would for the time being be held at other city sports centers, with students able to get their money back if they refused the change of location, according to officials. The city had also paid the injured woman’s hospital costs, CNA reported.