Ryanair flight makes emergency landing near Frankfurt

A Ryanair flight from Dublin to the Croatian city of Zadar had to make an emergency landing at Frankfurt-Hahn airport in western Germany due to technical problems on Friday, German police said.

Flight FR7312 landed at Frankfurt-Hahn airport in the small municipality of Hahn at around 11:30 p.m. Friday evening, a spokesman for the Federal Police told DW.

"There was a technical problem and the air pressure went down, so the pilot had to take the aircraft down in Hahn," the spokesman said, adding that the exact cause of the emergency landing was unclear.

One passenger on the plane posted a photograph of the plane's oxygen masks hanging from the ceiling.

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The spokesman said some 30 passengers on board the flight were taken to local hospitals with complaints of earaches and headaches.

Police said Ryanair was trying to organize for another plane to take passengers on to their final destination of Zadar on Saturday morning around 9 a.m.

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One Twitter user on the plane told DW said passengers had been told their flight would leave Saturday at 9:40 a.m., but they had not been provided with a place to sleep, did not have Wi-Fi internet access and had been given a €10 ($11.70) food voucher about four hours after the plane landed.

The passenger said no further information had been given about the passengers who were taken to the hospital, one of which was her boyfriend, and she had been unable to contact Ryanair.

"If the flight goes without him back, they didn't give me any alternative flight and I have no information. No number to call, no one to speak with. Just the people from the airport who are trying their best to help us," she tweeted.