7 Taiwan universities to open indigenous language centers

Council of Indigenous People and 7 universities to create language centers to train teachers of Taiwan’s indigenous languages

(Image courtesy of CNA)

(Image courtesy of CNA)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Council of Indigenous People and seven Taiwanese universities will collaborate in the creation of indigenous language centers to train teachers of Taiwan's indigenous languages, with the goal of training 210 language teachers, reported CNA.

The language centers will be dotted across Taiwan and will provide an opportunity for the public to undertake language courses to improve their language ability.

The decision to collaborate on a new training program came about in response to the decline in language ability by indigenous youth.

Icyang Parod, Minister of Council of Indigenous Peoples told CNA that the language proficiency of indigenous people under the age of 40 is alarming.

It is a top priority to nurture indigenous language ability of the younger generations and to make it easier for the average person to learn the language, he said.

Additional information about the plan is currently unknown.