Taiwan’s Taichung World Flora Exposition to feature Atayal textile arts

Atayal artist Yuma Taru will present her marvelous textile works for the international flower show


Land of Indigenous Cultural Roots exhibition site to feature Atayal textile arts (Photo by Taichung City Government)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Yuma Taru (尤瑪‧達陸), an artist of the Atayal indigenous group in Taiwan, has been invited to hold an exhibition of the traditional textile arts of Atayal people at the Houli Horse Ranch & Forest Park Area (后里森林園區) for the upcoming 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition (台中花博) kicking off in November.

Honored by the Ministry of Culture as one of the “2016 Designated Traditional Arts Preservers,” Yuma Taru is among the few who have committed their lives to the preservation of Atayal textile arts.

From plant cultivation, fiber production, dyeing, yarning, to fabric making, Yuma Taru has earned herself the title of a “living national treasure” who strives to revive the Atayal culture of weaving incorporating unique totems and color matching skills that help find the missing piece of the cultural jigsaw puzzle for the indigenous community.

Textile crafts by the master herself will be displayed at the “Land of Indigenous Cultural Roots” exhibition site, one of the seven sites dedicated to the promotion of Taiwan’s indigenous culture at Houli Horse Ranch & Forest Park Area.

In addition to Atayal textile works, the site also features art installations based on the folklore of “shooting the sun,” designed to underscore aboriginal peoples’ reverence for nature.  

The other sites spotlight “The Flight Track of Siliq Bird,” “Traditional Amis Fishing Art and Craft Area,” “Tribal Forest Area,” “The Dancing Heart,” “Land of the Indigenous Crafts,” and “Resident Indigenous Work Studio,” according to a press release by the Taichung City Government.

Yuma Taru performing Atayal weaving techniques (Courtesy of FB user 黃小光)