Taiwan weather expert sees one typhoon a week

Typhoon season is to move into higher gear


One typhoon per week is likely over the Pacific, weather experts say (Image courtesy of the Central Weather Bureau).

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – As the typhoon season is moving into a higher gear, one typhoon or tropical storm could emerge every week, though not all of them would have an impact on Taiwan, a weather expert said Thursday.

Typhoon Maria, which had been labeled a super typhoon before it arrived, passed just north of Taiwan overnight from last Tuesday to Wednesday, leaving behind one dead, eight injured, and local governments in a bind over how to determine whether there should be typhoon holidays or not.

Weather expert Daniel Wu (吳德榮) said that the typhoon season had arrived, and that it was reasonable to expect one typhoon or tropical storm would come into existence every single week, the Central News Agency reported.

As a matter of fact, a tropical depression over the Pacific east of the Philippines at the moment was highly likely to turn into a full-blown tropical storm after two or three days, Wu said.

Different observers still had not reached a consensus on the timing and location of the new storm, so more time was needed to observe its development, the independent meteorologist said.

The Central Weather Bureau agreed, saying that the low-pressure area south of Taiwan left a lot of space for storms to develop, CNA reported.

The next tropical storm is to be named Son-Tinh, a mountain god from Vietnamese legends, according to the agreed international list. It will be the ninth storm of this year’s season.