‘Fly Guy Show’ shoots humorous mockumentary in Taiwan

Israeli travel show 'Fly Guy Show' shoots Taiwan travel mockumentary about becoming an accidental celebrity in Taiwan

Guy Hochman with Crowd Lu (screenshot from "Fly Guy Show")

Guy Hochman with Crowd Lu (screenshot from "Fly Guy Show")

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Travel show "Fly Guy Show" shot a funny Taiwan travel mockumentary detailing Israeli media personality Guy Hochman's international odyssey to find his lost lucky t-shirt.

The short video titled "How To Become a Celebrity in Taiwan" tells the story of how Hochman searches throughout Taiwan for his lucky shirt and inadvertently becomes an overnight sensation in Taiwan.

The fast-paced mockumentary features superb scenery and showcases some of the best aspects of Taiwan.

The video features cameos by local artists Wu Feng (吳鳳), Crowd Lu (盧廣仲), and more.

"My aim is to break-out of the borders of Israel, through the wonderful thing called YouTube," Rafi Barbiro, the show's executive producer told Taiwan News.

"It's a platform that defies borders and connects people whom, at the end of the day, just want to experience new cultures. If I succeed in bringing forth a bit of Israel to the locals, then I did my part. I understood that there are quite a few parallels between Israel and Taiwan," said Barbiro.

The "Fly Guy Show" was created and produced by journalist and TV personality Rafi Barbiro and has published episodes shot in Kenya, South Korea and Taiwan. Future episodes in Finland, Japan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Sweden are currently in the works.

The episode was made possible through cooperation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan, the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Tel Aviv.

This was Hochman's first trip to Asia and the team is looking for opportunities to return to Taiwan to shoot a sequel.