New Taipei police help old lady suffering dementia lost on typhoon night find her way home

(courtesy of a citizen)

(courtesy of a citizen) (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)--Two police officers found an 80-year-old lady suffering from dementia lost in the street of Xizhi District, New Taipei City on Tuesday night, when Typhoon Maria was affecting northern Taiwan, and helped her find her way home in a caring way, according to a CNA report on Wednesday.

Xizhi Police Station officers Du Si-yuan (杜思源) and Hsu Wan-hua (徐婉華) were out on patrol on Tuesday evening, and when they were passing the intersection of Chung Hsiao E.Rd. and Fu'an St., they came across a young man who was waving at them, the report said. When the officers got out of their cruiser, the young man pointed at an old lady standing next to him and said, “She has been by the roadside and exposed to the rain for half an hour, not knowing to find a place of shelter and not responding to my questions,” according to the report. Therefore, he could only stand there and held an umbrella over her head, he told the police.

Du took off his police coat and put it on the old lady to keep her warm and then drove her to the police station so she could rest, the report said. When the old lady was drinking hot tea, a police officer in the station recognized her as the 80-year-old grandma surnamed Chang, who got lost a few months ago, according to the report. The police then quickly looked at the data in a file, found the phone number of the lady’s daughter, and called her.

The old lady’s daughter hurried to the police station and sobbingly told police that she took her mother out to buy dinner on Tuesday night, but in a blink of an eye she lost her mother in the crowd, and couldn’t find her after walking the streets back and forth, the report said. She thanked the police for finding her mother in time as she was worried that her mother might not be able to physically weather out the storm in the street, the report said.