Earthquake rattles Southern Taiwanese city of Tainan

Tremor struck just 5.6 km under the surface


A 4.3 earthquake hit Tainan City Wednesday evening (image courtesy of the Central Weather Bureau).

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A magnitude-4.3 earthquake rattled Tainan City Wednesday evening, but no immediate damage or casualties were reported.

In February 2016, 117 people died in the city, most of them after an apartment building collapsed in a magnitude-6.4 earthquake.

The epicenter of Wednesday’s tremor hit particularly close to the surface, just 5.6 kilometers deep, the Central Weather Bureau reported.

The quake struck at 8:41 p.m. in the city’s Annan District, 6.5 km northwest from the city government.

Its intensity reached 5 in the Yongkang District, four in the Tainan city center, but was also felt from Changhua in Central Taiwan to Pingtung City in the south, reports said.