Fireworks to once again light up Taiwan’s Penghu archipelago


(By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—Magnificent fireworks displays will once again light up the skies of the Penghu archipelago this year from August 6 to November 3, according to media reports.

To extend the peak tourist season stimulated by the 2018 Penghu Fireworks Festival, which ended on June 21, Penghu County Government will roll out the 2018 island carnival activities from August 6 to November 3, which include 12 fireworks displays in Magong City and five townships, the reports said.

The schedule of the 12 fireworks display is as follows:

Jibei Island (吉貝嶼) in Baisha Township on August 6

Wangan Island (望安) on August 8

Qimei Island (七美) on August 10

Xiyu (西嶼) on August 23

Baisha (白沙) on August 30

Huxi (湖西) on September 6

Guanyinting Recreation Area, Magong (馬公觀音亭) on August 17, September 22, September 27, October 10, October 27, and November 3

Except for the fireworks display on September 27 that coincides the opening of the 2018 the Most Beautiful Bay Carnival, which will last for 15 minutes, the rest of the 11 fireworks displays will each last 10 minutes, the reports said.

Penghu’s Tourism Department said that the county welcomes people to come to Pengu to explore the archipelago’s charming places in the daytime and enjoy watching the firework displays at night, according to the reports.