Kenting, Taiwan offers late night tours of coastal crab burrows

Crabs lay eggs along Kenting coasts from July through October

The medium-sized Sesarmidae crab found in Kenting.

The medium-sized Sesarmidae crab found in Kenting. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) —Beginning in July every summer, crabs in Kenting, Taiwan migrate to the coast to lay their eggs, and this summer the Kenting National Park is offering late night tours of the sites where the crabs lay their eggs.

There are over 30 kinds of crabs in Kenting National Park, and the most diverse pockets of crabs are located along the Banana Coast Conservation Area and the Manchou fishing port, according to a Kenting National Park educator.

Female crabs will travel closer to the water to lay their eggs from July through October. If fact since large numbers of crabs must cross the Provincial Highway 26 on their journey to the coast, the flow of traffic is restricted and at times rerouted along the highway so as not to injure the crustaceans.

(CNA image)

Experts from the national park will lead interested groups of people to the coastal burrows on the evenings of July 28, 29 and August 26, 27 at the Manchou fishing port. The expeditions will observe eggs from Sesarmidae family of crab.

The park hopes that by seeing the majestic biological processes up close, onlookers will learn more about the lifecycles of the crab as well as the threats facing them despite conservation efforts.