Taiwan hosts baking workshop for six allies from the Pacific

28 participants from 6 countries are in Taiwan to study baking and hotel management 


Participants from the South Pacific take part in a baking workshop in Tainan (Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Labor)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The hospitality industry has been thriving in Taiwan in recent years, and in view of this, 28 participants from the country’s Pacific allies have come to Tainan to take part in training courses on baking and hotel management in the hope of enhancing relevant skills.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor organized two workshops on baking and hotel management in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Hence, starting July, 28 participants from six countries are being trained at a vocational training center in Tainan to get first-hand experience in baking and hotel management.

According to the MOL, the participants are from Tuvalu, Palau, Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, Nauru, and the Solomon Islands, all of which currently have diplomatic relations with Taiwan

Marco, a participant from Palau, told the Chinese-language Liberty Times that he was amazed to find that bread in Taiwan has various fillings, ranging from sweet to salty ones. Marco, 36, works as a chef in a restaurant serving foreign cuisine. 

Marco tried to make red-bean buns at the first session of the baking workshop. He said he loved it, and that he believed the bun could be a popular product in Palau. 

Ko Cheng-fang (柯呈枋), an official from the MOL, said the baking courses have been very popular at the vocational training center. The workshop is characterized by Taiwanese cuisine, and hence participants would learn how to make pineapple cakes, moon cakes, bubble tea, and even flaky scallion pancakes and pan-fried pork pies, said Ko.