Photo of the Day: Calm before the storm in Taipei

Amazing view from Taipei's Neihu seen before Typhoon Maria strikes

Great view from Neihu. (Photo by Eric Williams)

Great view from Neihu. (Photo by Eric Williams)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A day before the periphery of Super Typhoon Maria was set to make landfall in Taiwan, an American IT manager captured this photo of the clear blue skies scene over Taipei yesterday.

The photographer, Eric Williams, who works in IT and social media development in Taiwan, says he captured the image from Bishanyan Kaizhang Shengwang Temple (內湖碧山巖) in Taipei's Neihu District yesterday afternoon (July 9).

Williams said he took the photo as part of a series of stills and video in various part of Taipei for his YouTube channel. Since posting the photo last night at 8:30 p.m. on the social media site Reddit, the image has already received 126 upvotes.

(Photo by Eric Williams)