Taiwan's I-Mei to reveal 15 creative dragon fruit recipes online to help farmers

Meet the dramatic-looking tropical fruit in Taiwanese cuisine that goes beyond salad!


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Do you know that the skin of a dragon fruit is edible? Do you know the dramatic-looking tropical fruit can be used in many dishes beyond salad and become a main ingredient in some Taiwanese cuisine? A chef who took part in a state banquet has invented 15 dishes that incorporate dragon fruit, and announced that the recipes would be made available online for free.

The project of inventing dragon-fruit dishes is part of I-Mei Foods' initiative to promote consumption of the fruit for better health, and to help local farmers manage banana and dragon fruit gluts this summer. 

Last week Taiwanese food giant I-Mei Foods announced this year's third round of fresh fruit procurement, taking 250 tons of top-graded red-fleshed pitaya, also known as dragon fruit, purchased at the price of NT$33 (US$1.08) per kilogram in box.  As of today, the company has also procured 200 tons of banana from local growers. 

On Monday, the company received 50 tons of the red-fleshed dragon fruit at its Taoyuan factory, and showcased 15 new dishes featuring the fruit. 

Three dishes utilize skin of the fruit, including crispy dragon fruit skin chicken soup, shredded pork stir fry with dragon fruit skin, and a dragon fruit omelette wrap. 

Crispy dragon fruit skin chicken soup (Photo by Taiwan News reporter Jennifer Lin)

Shredded pork stir fry with dragon fruit skin (Photo by Taiwan News reporter Jennifer Lin)

Dragon fruit omelette wrap (Photo by Taiwan News reporter Jennifer Lin)

Other dishes incorporating the flesh of dragon fruit showcased on Monday were: dragon fruit seafood risotto, Taiwanese sweet and sour fish fillet, dragon fruit stir fry, as well as a dragon fruit appetizer.  

Dragon fruit seafood risotto (Photo by Taiwan News reporter Jennifer Lin)

Dragon fruit appetizer (Photo by Taiwan News reporter Jennifer Lin)

And desserts: dragon fruit pancake, and deep fried dragon fruit balls. 

Deep fried dragon fruit balls (Photo by Taiwan News reporter Jennifer Lin)

The recipes are set to appear online very soon for the public to access. The date of publication has yet to be announced.