Nomad Festival 2018 Taiwan kicks off in Central Taiwan in October

After two years, the event brings coffee, music and forest enthusiasts together.


Electronic forest camping event Nomad Festival will take place in Nantou. (Photo by Nomad Festival '18 Taiwan)

Nomad Festival 2018 Taiwan kicks off on October (Photo by Nomad Festival 2018 Taiwan)

Nomad Festival 2018 Taiwan kicks off on October (Photo by Nomad Festival 2018 Taiwan)

Performing live bands include No Party For Cao Dong and Fire Ex. (Photo by Nomad Festival 2018 Taiwan)

Graphic design by Taiwanese illustrator Inca Pan (Photo by Nomad Festival 2018 Taiwan)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)- Nomad Festival 2018 Taiwan is taking place with outdoor events and live music in Nantou on October 13 to 14. 

Two years after the previous one, the latest edition of the event will happen at National Chi Nan University which had won the GreenMetric World University title on 2016. 

Camping area at National Chi Nan University (Photo by Nomad Festival 2018 Taiwan)

Nomad invites people to get away from the hustle and bustle from cities and enjoy the outdoor coffee competition, live music performances and creative products market.

The jury of the coffee contest has been formed by professionals from various fields, such as the winner of the 2017 World Brewers Cup Champion, Chad Wang (王策), and the racing car champion of 2017 CHINA GT Aston Martin, Yang Mong-Qiao (楊孟樵). 

The biggest prize of the barista competition is round tickets from Taipei to Seattle sponsored by China Airlines. 

In terms of the music event, several famous bands from Taiwan will play, such as No Party For Cao Dong, Fire Ex., Accusefive and Staycool.

Additionally, the association organizes a market with creative brands and holds various events for participants, such as a hot air balloon show, project mapping installations and artists painting on a big canvas.   

Outdoor coffee contest in 2016 (Photo by Nomad Festival 2018 Taiwan)

This year, the visual designer is Inca Pan (川貝母). Her designed tickets turn into popular collection items among participants.

Graphic design of the tickets by  Inca Pan (川貝母) (Photo by Nomad Festival 2018 Taiwan)

The tickets can be purchased online now. Prices range from VIP NT$3,680 (USD$121), and General NT$1,380 (USD$45) to Children NT$500 (USD$16).

For more information go to Facebook and to the  official website.

(Photo by Nomad Festival 2018 Taiwan)