Taiwan youth orchestra takes 1st place at Vienna music festival

After completing their performance, the 52 member Mazer Youth Philharmonic Orchestra shouted in unison 'We are from Taiwan! We are number one!'

(Image from 梅哲愛樂青少年管弦樂團 FB page)

(Image from 梅哲愛樂青少年管弦樂團 FB page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – On July 9, in Vienna, Austria, the Mazer Youth Philharmonic Orchestra (梅哲愛樂青少年管弦樂團) from Taiwan performed at the Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival.

After their wonderful performance at 2 a.m. Taiwan time, inside the famous Vienna concert hall, the Weiner Musikverein, the 52 member ensemble reportedly shouted in unison “We are from Taiwan! We are number one!”

In addition to their enthusiasm representing their country, the youth orchestra based in Taipei, also received the first place award in the “Chamber Orchestras with Winds” competition with their performance of Mozart's "Salzburg Symphony."

On the official page of the 2018 SCL Festival, the Mazer Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, alongside fellow Taiwanese ensemble, the Taipei Municipal Jieshou Junior High School Wind Band are listed under the label “Chinese Taipei.”

Just to make it clear to those gathered in Vienna, the ensemble wanted to make it clear that the country they were representing was Taiwan, since organizers failed to make that clear in program materials.

After celebrating their achievement and enjoying a few days traveling in Europe, the Mazer Youth Philharmonic Orchestra is expected to return to Taiwan on July 15, reports Liberty Times.