Taiwan fireman performs bold stunt for love

Inspired by 'Mission Impossible,' Chiayi fireman hangs upside-down for engagement photo 


One Chia-yi fireman's daring stunt raises the bar for engagement photos. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Chiayi fireman Lu Tseng-hsien (呂宗賢) and his fiancée Wang Yu-ching (王郁菁) artfully pose next to a firetruck for their engagement photos. 

The couple has been dating long-distance for over two years and wanted to make their engagement photos extra-special before the big day. Their wedding is planned for Oct. 14. 

Lu got the idea for the suspended pose from the film "Mission Impossible," according to CNA. Lu's friends, colleagues, and fiancée were greatly impressed by the dangerous stunt. 

(CNA image) 

Lu did not wear any protective gear while shooting the engagement photo, directly attaching the suspension rope to his waist. His body was bruised after shooting. 

On creating original engagement photos, Lu commented, "I've been specially trained for this kind of maneuver. Most people should not attempt this lightly."