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'Spiritual Ocean' scion refuses to talk to cops after Lambo kills 2 in Taipei tunnel

Lamborghini driver, spiritual group scion refuses to cooperate with cops after killing two when accelerating through tunnel in Taipei

Photo from Yu Han-ning Facebook page.

Photo from Yu Han-ning Facebook page.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After speeding into a tunnel in Taipei in his Lamborgini, leading to the deaths of a road worker and his passenger and three severe injuries, the driver of costly car and spiritual group scion on Saturday (July 7), yesterday refused to fully cooperate with police questioning, reported Liberty Times.

The 24-year-old driver, identified as Yu Han-ning (游瀚甯), while recuperating in the hospital yesterday admitted that he was driving over 100 kilometers per hour when he drove the expensive Italian sports car into the Tzu Chiang Tunnel in Taipei City. Yu said that he did not notice the maintenance vehicles in the tunnel, which his car would collide into causing two to perish and three to suffer serious injuries.

However, Yu refused to answer additional questions by police because he claimed to still felt dazed from his head wounds and "uncomfortable." As Yu ceased answering police questions, they were unable to complete the report and transfer the case to prosecutors.

Police agreed to wait until Yu completes his treatment so they can later complete the report and move forward with the case, according to officials.

Around 5 a.m., a white Lamborghini driven by Yu moved into the Tzu Chiang Tunnel in Taipei City and increased its speed, reports said.

At the time, three workers in two trucks were replacing lighting inside the tunnel and had left their vehicles stationary while they were working, reports said. Having not noticed the vehicles in time, Yu lost control over his car, first ramming into the side of the tunnel before hitting the trucks.

The young woman surnamed Liu (劉), 27, in the passenger seat did not survive the crash, while one of the workers, Chang (張), 49, was propelled out of his truck by the impact and also died.

The Lamborghini had reportedly been rented at the cost of about NT$50,000 (US$1,600) a week with the original sales value of the vehicle estimated to be NT$11 million.

Reports have surfaced that Yu is the son of Robert Yu (游明裕), the “spiritual leader” of "Spiritual Ocean International Group” (心靈海國際教育集團), which has over 300,000 members in China.

Video recorded in Yu's car when the accident occurred and uploaded by Phillip Charlier.