British Library, Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology in talks about humanities and social science cooperation

Taiwan sends delegation to UK, receives tour of British Library, invitation to Royal Society’s Summer Soirée

British Library. (Flickr user: Steve Cadman)

British Library. (Flickr user: Steve Cadman)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Deputy head of the Ministry of Science and Technology Su Fang-Ching (蘇芳慶) lead a delegation to the UK last week and met with the British Museum to discuss international cooperation in the field of humanities and social sciences, reported CNA.

The two parties are also in talks to combine and collaborate on new ventures.

The delegation met with Roly Keating, Chief Executive of the British Library, as well as the British Library's research and development team, and curatorial team on July 5.

The Taiwanese delegation were a given tour of the British Library's Business and IP Centre, provided frameworks for and recent examples of collaboration between the British Library and third parties, and were introduced to the mechanism through which collaboration occurs.

The delegation was invited to the Summer Soirée, the 240th annual summer party put on by the Royal Society. This was the first time Taiwan had been asked to participate.