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Taiwan rolls up fraud ring based in Dominican Republic

Most of the group's financiers had already returned to Taiwan

A CIB official explains the crackdown on a  fraud ring based in the Dominican Republic.

A CIB official explains the crackdown on a fraud ring based in the Dominican Republic. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) said Friday it had nabbed more than 70 people suspected of involvement in a fraud ring based in the Dominican Republic.

One of the suspects arrested was seen as the mastermind of the whole international operation, the Central News Agency reported.

Having identified the fact that a Taiwanese citizen traveled to the Dominican Republic to set up an electronic fraud operation, the police forces of both countries cooperated to fight the ring. A raid on its headquarters last September netted four Taiwanese and one Dominican citizen.

However, most of the organization’s key figures had already left the Caribbean country by then to return to Taiwan, the CIB said.

A first series of raids inside the country caught 23 suspects, including the main financier of the fraud ring. A second wave of arrests in January saw 70 suspects emerge, while NT$8.3 million (US$272,000) in funds were confiscated and 10 pieces of real estate valued at a total of NT$100 million (US$3.27 million) were frozen.

On July 3 and 4, another 21 suspects were picked up, including financiers and top organizers of the fraud ring, according to the CNA report.

The Taichung District Prosecutors Office was handling the processing of the latest batch of detainees, the CIB said, adding that cooperation with Thailand, Malaysia and Slovenia had allowed Taiwan to neutralize several fraud rings, while the investigation to find the masterminds behind them was continuing.

Updated : 2021-10-18 21:33 GMT+08:00