French vlogger says Taiwan has more of a future than S. Korea

French vlogger leaves S. Korea because 'Taiwan has more of a future'

(Screenshot from YouTube video)

(Screenshot from YouTube video)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A French vlogger has attracted many new fans in Taiwan after he released a video on Saturday (June 30) saying that he has left South Korea to live in Taiwan instead because, "I think Taiwan has more of a future."

Quentin Richard, who goes by the handle Ku's dream (酷的夢) and speaks fluent Mandarin and Korean, released a video to his YouTube channel on Saturday titled "Why I moved back to Taiwan from Korea?" At the time of publication, the video already has already acquired 121,964 views and 6,402 likes.

The favorable comparison between Taiwan and South Korea is probably music to the ears of many Taiwanese, who in a recent poll listed South Korea as the fourth-most-hated country, while North Korea retained the top spot as most loathed nation.

In his video Richard lists four main reasons why he prefers Taiwan to South Korea:

1. Food

Because Korean food tends to be so salty and spicy, Richard says that people can enjoy it for a week or two, but after two and a half years of Tuk Bok Ki (spicy glutinous rice cake), Bulgogi (Korean BBQ), and Kim Chee (spicy pickled cabbage), the body starts to have trouble handling it. However, he said that Taiwanese dishes have so many varieties to choose from, it is more convenient, it is far less spicy and there are more options for those with allergies.

2. Less adherence to strict Confucian etiquette

Richard said in South Korea there is highly strict Confucian etiquette regarding the way people address each other, how they treat one another, and whether they can be "chingu" or friends. All of which are very difficult concepts for Westerners to grasp.

In contrast, in Taiwan, though Confucianism is also present, it is much less strict in the sense of friendships, greetings, bowing toward elders, and precise ranking and titles based on exact birth date. Richard says that in Taiwan, "a 70-year-old teahouse owner and 10 school kid can be friends. In Taiwan relationships among people are fair."

3. Less scrutiny by society

He said that in South Korea, he felt a great deal of pressure because he was being "scanned" all the time. Richard observed that when he was out and about in South Korea, people would always scan him from head to toe, paying close attention to what he was wearing, with those dressing casually or too far from the norm being treated very differently from those who followed the trends and rules.

4. Foreigners are more welcome

Richard said that it's hard to be a foreigner in South Korea. He says his fellow foreign friends who have lived in South Korea for long periods of time say that foreigners are always treated as outsiders.

He said that even after he learned the language and understood the local culture, Koreans would often tell him, "You are a foreigner, so you there's no way you would understand," which frustrated him greatly.

On the other hand, Richard says that Taiwan very much welcomes foreigners and he really likes the way of life here. He concludes by saying, "I think Taiwan has more of a future."

(Screenshot from YouTube video)