Photo of the Day: Tipsy tourist in Tainan, Taiwan

Tourist in southern Taiwan's Tainan gets a bit more tea than she bargained for

Before (left), after (right). (Photos from 爆廢公社)

Before (left), after (right). (Photos from 爆廢公社)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Before-and-after photos of a failed attempt by a woman to balance on the edge of a giant teacup have gotten chuckles from Taiwanese netizens.

While taking photos near Yintian Shanfang White Church in Tainan's Yujing District, a woman tried to show off by balancing herself on the edge of a giant teacup, but she accidentally lost her balance and fell head over heels into the giant cup. After falling head first into the massive teacup, only the woman's shorts and legs are still visible as they flail in the air.

Rather than immediately rushing to her aid, her brother, who took the photo, decided to first capture embarrassing moment. The brother then promptly posted the before and after photos on the Taiwanese Facebook group Breaking News Commune (爆廢公社), where many netizens poked fun at her clumsiness:

"Looks like you wanted to drink some tea."

"I would be just like your brother, take a photo first before helping you XDDDDDD!"

"Cup (杯具, homophonic with 悲劇 [tragedy]) girl."

Others fixated on the compromising angle of the shot:

"I can't see clearly enough, please zoom in more."

"I didn't see any panties."

"Zoom and then zoom again."

"Let go of the cup and hop on me."

Before photo. (Image from Facebook group 爆廢公社)

After photo. (Image from Facebook group 爆廢公社)

Still another photo of the woman struggling to get out. (Image from Facebook group 爆廢公社)