Taiwan Tourist Shuttle offers 50% discount on bus fare during summer

(photo courtesy of the DGH)

(photo courtesy of the DGH) (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle has offered a 50 percent discount on bus fares across all of its 41 routes to passengers using electronic tickets from July 1 to September 30, the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle said in a news release on June 29.

Take the longest-haul Kenting Express Line for example. The original fare is NT$352 per person, during this summer, the fare is reduced to NT$176 by using electronic tickets. If you have four people going together, you will be able to save a total of NT$704.

In addition, the Tourism Bureau makes arrangements with shops at the destinations to provide discounts and goodies. So don’t forget to ask the driver for a bus receipt, which may be used to get a discount or goodies.

"The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle is the best way to travel around Taiwan on a limited budget for unlimited fun. It’s environmentally friendly and provides value for your money. Why not take advantage of this special program to have a fun summer vacation!" Taiwan Tourist Shuttle said. "This service has become popular among independent travelers and backpackers."

The Directorate General of Highways said in a press conference today (July 4) that the number of passengers who used Taiwan Tourist Shuttle service in 2016 was 3.71 million, and the number rose to 4.3 million in 2017, adding that the numbers of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle routes also rose from 31 last year to 41 this year.

The DGH said the shuttle service covers and links the transportation hubs, such as railway stations and Taiwan High Speed Rail stations, and main tourist attractions.

For more information about the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, please visit its website.

(video from the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle website)