Photo of the Day: The Rock uses 'polite hand' with Taiwanese actress

The Rock gives Taiwanese singer Jay Chou face with 'polite hand' around his wife

Quinlivan, Johnson and Chou. (Photo from Jay Chou Instagram)

Quinlivan, Johnson and Chou. (Photo from Jay Chou Instagram)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwanese netizens are getting quite a chuckle from a photo posted Monday (July 2) on Taiwanese crooner Jay Chou's Instagram page showing Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson gingerly placing his right hand around Chou's wife, Hannah Quinlivan, in a photo with the couple.

The photo was taken at an event to promote the Johnson's latest action film "Skyscraper," which also features Quinlivan. In the caption of the photo, which has 196,000 likes and counting, it read, "thank you for taking care of @hannah_quinlivan in the movie it was nice talking to you about music."

However, it was the "gentlemanly" way Johnson carefully hovered his "polite hand" (禮貌手) next to Chou's wife that caught the attention of Taiwanese netizens:

"There's no safe spot to place the gentlemanly Johnson's hand, haha."

"Johnson it too much of a gentleman, he won't even make the slightest touch!"

Others praised Chou:

"That's great, he's good at spoiling his wife."

"He loves his wife."

"Good husband."

"Requesting Quinlivan for publicity and getting Chou for free. Seems like a pretty good deal."

Quinlivan (left), Johnson (center) and Chou (right). (Photo from Jay Chou Instagram page)